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Telekinesis uses & strategy (English)


After some requests I’ve decided to translate this article that was originally in spanish

telekinesis heroclix

¿What’s Telekinesis?

Rule: Give this character a power action and designate a target character or object (A) and a destination square (B). This character, A, and B must all be within 8 squares and line of fire of each other. Place A in B. If A is a character, it must be a single base character and possess the HeroClix Tiny Damage Symbol or HeroClix Standard Damage Symbol symbol. If A is an opposing character, make a close or ranged combat attack that deals no damage against A, and only place the character in B if the target is hit. If A is an object and B is occupied by an opposing character, this character may make a ranged combat attack targeting the character occupying B, dealing object damage and destroying the object. A character that has been placed by Telekinesis this turn can’t use Telekinesis this turn.



1- Gipsy beating

This strategy consists on using TK to lure an enemy close to your units, leaving him “defenseless” so all your team can clash upon him. In other words you use TK to place the enemy in range of the rest of your team so you can attack him with everything you have and, hopefully, he’ll die or end up very weakened.

2- Where were you?

With Tk, you can place a figure 8 squares  from it’s original square and then give him an action. It’s pretty common to use this for getting an alpha strike. Imagine you have wkD16-006 The Flash, a figure with 14 squares movement, add then 8 from Tk and you can hit an enemy within 22 squares, nearly side to side of the map!

Be carefull when doing so, since aftr the attack you can not only find yourself exposed and loose the surprise factor but also loose a figure. So be ready to have a way to protect your figure after this move.

3- Yo-yo

A variant of the 2n strategy, but in this case we are not using one Tk, but two!. Basically you place a character with tk in a place where he can hit an enemy (with HSS or Range) and after you use another TK to bring your character where he was or somewhere else where he’s safe from oponents attack.

There are some characters that are specially good with this strategy, as examples: FFUXM002 Jean Grey, GOTG005 Major victory or  SLOSH001 Cosmic Boy

4- Come back here

Tk can also be used to get a figure out of danger, since when placing an allied figure through Tk you don’t need to break away. We only need that both characters have line of sight to the square where we want to move him and within 8 squares.

5- Hidding is for bugs ¡and we crush them!

This is maybe the most unexpected move with Tk. If you have an stealthed enemy, we can use Tk to get an object hit him, since Tk doesn’t make a figure an objective but the square he’s in it. This can also be used to attack a character who is hiding in the object we use Tk on. So if we have an oponent character hiding in an object you can use that object to hit him and after the attack he’ll not only be weakeden (if the attack lands) but he won’t be able to stay stealthed due to the object beeing destroyed.

6- ¡Get out of here!

If we have an enemy fighting close combat to an ally we can use Tk to move him out of the fight and if he has charge we can place him out of his charge range. Furthermore if the enemy character does not ignore green terrain, we can place him there so he’ll not only be unable to attack our figures, but also he’ll have his movement reduced by half!

That’s all for this article, I hope you can all enjoy it and I apologize for any mistakes in english, since It’s not my mother tongue and I’m not used to write in it. Please feel free to add any comment or feedback to this article. Still even if this wasn’t planned, If you enjoy it I may do some further translation of past articles or future ones.

See you in the board!

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